I Am Stronger

Boss Bitch Dinner Learn to Lift
6 week postpartum fitness class for moms that are looking to reconnect with themselves, their bodies and other moms
Boss Bitch Dinner
Quareterly womens only dinners so we can love, laugh & sip wine
Learn to Lift
A 3 hour womens only powerlifting semniar lead by I Am Stronger Founder, Kate 'killer' Rawlings


Through fitness, I Am Stronger strives to empower females to make safer and healthier life choices by improving their self-esteem and personal confidence.

Learn to Lift (coming in January)
During this 3 hour ladies ONLY introductory course to powerlifting women will be exposed to the big three lifts: Back Squat/ Deadlift/ Bench Press.
Many women are interested in lifting, but don’t want to look silly. By creating a seminar just for women we can all look silly together.