I Am Stronger


I often sit back and think about what type of person I am trying to help through my coaching……. and guess what…… I AM MY CLIENT!!!!

What do I mean by that?

I mean I am a 37 year old parent working a more than full time job just trying to stay in shape.

Yes I competed professionally in CrossFit for 4 years (aka the old back in the day I used to be in shape story) but that’s not where I am anymore. I am just trying to feel good, have the energy to keep up with my lifes demands and enjoy throwing around some weights along the way.

Ohhhhhh and spend sometime with like minded individuals so I can have a social life, well as much of a life as I can have with an almost 2 year old.

I am not special. I don’t have any magical answer. I do however love working out at Coca CrossFit (biased as I own it), but I do love it because I AM MY CLIENT and I like being around people like me.

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