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Motivation vs Discipline

One thing that I have heard more than ever is ‘how do I get the motivation to xyz….?”

My response is always the same……Motivation is a joke….. and discipline is something we all posses!

We all do things every day we don’t feel like doing. And yet we figure out doing it anyway. That my friend is discipline in its truest form.

Now how do we apply the discipline we posses and apply it to new areas of our life? We decide what we want to achieve and then take small steps to get there.

Lets use diet as an example:
goal: I want to lose 20lbs
discipline: I am going to eat one healthier meal each day….I am going to eat only one cookie a day instead of 2.

these small little steps/changes add up to big changes in the long run! It’s not all or nothing.

all of a sudden you do small things to work towards your goal for 3 months…. 9 months…. and everyone wants to know how you’re so motivated and you can pass along your simple secret.

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