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Waiting to hear from the IRS

We are thrilled to let you all know that we have sent back the third, yes third, round of questions back to the IRS. This last round of questions they just had some clarifying questions in regards to the relationship between Coca CrossFit and I Am Stronger and they are owned and operated by the same person.

It was important for us to clarity that this is not a way of making Coca CrossFit a profitable business, and thankfully we have 2 years of financials showing that the exact opposite has been happening.  Coca CrossFit has held two fundraisers to help assist getting I Am Stronger operational.

We will let you know as soon as we hear as this will be a HUGE milestone.


Our Mission and Values


Through fitness, I Am Stronger strives to empower females to make safer and healthier life choices by improving their self-esteem and personal confidence.


All young girls face the same social pressures regardless of cultural heritage, race, creed, physical limitations, socio-economic status or addictive behaviors. Girls who participate in I Am Stronger will improve their self-image, learn problem solving skills, increase their self-confidence and develop a healthy body image. They will be better able to set clear personal priorities leading to healthier life choices. Participants will learn how to manage peer pressure and develop a more positive outlook on life, leading to increased internal strength that will empower them to take control of their life.