I Am Stronger

Learn to Lift Seminar

box squatting with a safety squat bar

During this 3 hour ladies ONLY introductory course to powerlifting women will be exposed to the big three lifts: Back Squat/ Deadlift/ Bench Press.

Many women are interested in lifting, but don’t want to look silly. By creating a seminar just for women we can all look silly together.

Along with learning proper technique for the big 3 you will learn about belly breathing, proper bracing and accessories for common issues facing women, because lets face ladies….. men just dont get it.

This ladies ONLY seminar is led by Kate ‘killer’ Rawlings, the sole owner and founder of Coca CrossFit.  Kate has competed professionally in CrossFit as a Reebok sponsored athlete reaching the pinnacle of her sport, The CrossFit Games.  She also has 14 certifications to her name and has coached full time for 9 years.