Founder Kate ‘killer’ Rawlings

11800050_1117722811575124_2573196070025895499_nKate ‘killer’ Rawlings
Founder & CEO

In addition to being the Founder and CEO of I Am Stronger Kate is also a CrossFit Games Athlete and CrossFit affiliate owner. She is far from the girl next door, she’s got funky hair, tattoos, body piercings and a self confidence that seems effortless to outsiders.

Growing up she ‘had it all’. Loving parents that are still married, no financial stresses, 4 year letterman in 2 sports in high school. She went to college on a Division 1A full ride and was president of her sorority while there. The perfect life…… or was it?

In that time she had an eating disorder, abused drugs and alcohol as way to deal with an emotionally abusive relationship that turned physical.

How does that happen? How does someone that had it all slide so far into the darkness of depression?

Easy….. the social pressure put on women to do it all, be it all and do it without breaking a sweat or letting them see you stress. What she has realized is that ‘it’s ok to NOT be ok’….. and this is the message she hopes to bring to all women, and girls aged 7-17 in particular.

Through FREE girls only fitness classes and speaking publicly about her story at schools and corporate events she hopes to instill young girls with the¬†ability to be vulnerable and realize ‘it’s ok to NOT be ok’.